Numenera : Sins

intentoimportante2How can we define Xerces? How can we call that liar, that bastard, without showing the same arrogance level than him?

Liar? Bastard? Mutant? Non welcome? Weak? SHUT UP!!!!

SHUT UP!!!!!

And the voices in his head stopped. And Xerces, finally relaxed. His half mutated face was reflected in that lake. Reflection showed a sad face, but not just that, a blue mist covering everything, even him.

The girl voice was the first one to be heard after a while.

<<Do you think in Ellomyr they will forgive your crimes?>>


And he knew he was lying , shouting to anywhere. He had been advised about the blue mist, punisher of the liars. And he trembled.

And everything started, and he felt a lot of pain. Like an acid rain covering all of him, like a father disapproval, like a dead lover.

He jumped to the lake, thinking in saving himself under the water, but he was not sure, just scared. Half of him wanted to escape. Half of him wanted to die. There. In that minute.

And despite the pain, he found the water was not water. It was something else. A reflection of a lie. A reflection of the sin. He was pure inside. Half covered,full again. That liquid helped him to become one himself with no regrets. That liquid was full of power.

His quest here was over. Time to return to Ellomyr… But maybe just maybe, he would keep some drops in his bag. After all, he was a sinner.



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